Nightingale’s IC2 Wins ICONIC Award for Innovative Interior Product Design


Nightingale has been awarded a 2019 Iconic Award for product design. Organized by the German Design Council, the Iconic Awards honor the very best in interior design, particularly the combination of design and engineering to produce premium quality projects and products. The Iconic Awards consider the stories that individual products tell, as they are the expression of an integrated approach to design that has been a key concern of the German Design Council for over 60 years.

The IC2 will be featured in the January 2019 issue of ICONIC Magazine in advance of the IMM Cologne Furniture Fair. It will also appear in the ICONIC WORLD online gallery, organized by the German Design Council.  With the mantra of “Design is differentiation,” the German Design Council is one of the world’s leading centers for expertise in design.  They believe that design makes brands strong – and companies successful: as Germany’s leading authority on design and brands, the German Design Council works to promote society’s awareness of design and supports companies on all matters relating to brand and design development. They provide a forum for interdisciplinary knowledge transfer on an international scale.

This is the IC2’s forth award of 2018; it continues to be a favorite with design critics worldwide for its sleek design and cutting edge ergonomic adjustments.  Nightingale is excited to be selected for the 2018 Iconic Award and the German Design Council, as it demonstrates the growing international recognition of our quality products.