The CXO: An Ergonomic Task Chair Icon.

Launched in 2003, the CXO cemented its place in the industry and quickly became one of Nightingale’s
bestselling chairs. Since then, it has remained at the forefront of the seating industry by evolving to meet
and exceed consumers’ needs and expectations.

Nightingale built off the momentum of the CXO’s successful launch by expanding the series to include
four model options: Standard, Leather, Task Intensive and Heavy Duty. The CXO series has evolved
overtime to provide comfort to a wide range of users in various seating environments.

The CXO has undergone six generational upgrades since its launch in order to provide the user with an
ever better sitting experience, without compromising on quality or comfort. Beyond inspiring additional
CXO models, the original CXO sparked the creation of Nightingale’s entire innovative XO seating collection.

The CXO is the most comfortable chair in the world thanks to its intuitive and innovative design.
The synchronous knee-tilt mechanism with slow seat and back release was one of the first of its kind
to be on the market. It is the unique combination and capabilities of this mechanism that allowed the
CXO to capture the attention of designers, dealers and consumers.

The CXO embodies Nightingale’s dedication to providing top-quality, ergonomic and durable
seating solutions. The CXO is a one size fits all chair thanks to its adjustable mechanism, arms and
lumbar making it comfortable for any user. Nightingale’s Enersorb™ foam enhances the sitting
experience with its padded seat, lumbar and head rest, it delivers exceptional comfort.

The CXO is just as relevant today as when it was released, which speaks to its enduring design and
enhanced ergonomic support capabilities. Nightingale is determined to carry on the legacy of the
CXO and can ensure more generations of this iconic chair are able to enjoy its sitting experience.