Discover the Butterfly

Nightingale’s respect and appreciation for the planet goes beyond our “land-fill sucks” policy and award winning environmental ‘zero waste’ initiative. At Nightingale the passion we have for the environment is translated into our seating collections. With stylish guest seating options in Sauga, Butterfly, Cricket II and Firefly II we have created an array of chairs inspired by some of nature’s most adaptable, innovative, and resilient creatures.

Today’s feature highlights the Butterfly. This lightweight, mobile, stacker chair helps people quickly and easily come together, move around, or move apart – whatever the work requires. This chair was made for the “social butterfly”. It’s easy-to-move structure allows for casual gatherings to take place throughout the workplace. The Butterfly is ideal for informal and flexible workspaces where reconfiguration and group facilitation are encouraged. The simple to stack capability of the Butterfly (up to six chairs high) makes this chair effortless to incorporate, use, and store in any office environment.

A unique feature of the Butterfly is the perforated back in combination with the waterfall seat edge. The aeration of the perforated back provides the user with comfort, breathability, and the added benefit of excellent lumbar support. The waterfall seat gently slopes away from the legs, minimizing pressure on the thighs, reducing muscle fatigue, and promoting good posture.

The molded seat and back are also made from 100% recycled plastic (black only), further emphasizing Nightingale’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly processes. The Butterfly was designed to withstand multiple uses throughout the day by various people and is therefore durable and easy to clean.

The Butterfly is the ideal chair for group work in meeting rooms, offices or spaces such as reception areas, food facilities, or lecture halls. The Butterfly is available in several models. Some options include twin wheel carpet casters, chrome legs, drafting stool and soft tile casters. The Butterfly seat and/or back can also be upholstered with any choice from our wide selection of fabrics.