Nightingale is excited to announce its newest Madras and Princess leather offerings. The launch of these new leather colors provide clients with even more high-quality luxurious textiles to choose from.

Madras and Princess are top grain, corrected, pigmented leather hides that are finished through a penetrating dye process. Soft to the touch, all hides are buffed and fully embossed with an even grain print to minimize any variations in the surface appearance.

With that in mind, leather is a natural product and as such, every hide remains unique in its character. Any marks on leather, in natural grain or texture variations, are regarded as evidence of its authenticity and help distinguish “real leather” from imitations. Appearance, durability, ease of maintenance and unique character, have been considered the main attraction of “real leather”.

Nightingale’s new color additions to its Madras and Princess Leather Collections allows customers to further personalize their seating options and office spaces.

Please visit www.nightingalechairs.com to view the Madras Leather and Princess Leather collections to see the newest color offerings.